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Handsontable is a minimalist Excel-like data grid editor for HTML & JavaScript

This is Handsontable , a release published on May 21st, 2015.

The most prominent changes are:

  • modified fixed header/overlay structure - each overlay has its own hidden scrollbar - change was made to reduce the laggy overlay effect for IE and Safari,

    Please note: In order to maintain the pre-0.14.0 scrollbar functionality, change the CSS overflow property of your Handsontable container from scroll or auto to hidden. Without performing this change, you might encounter problems with doubling scrollbars.

  • Adding JSDoc to the project,
  • Removal of jQuery UI datepicker - we switched to Pikaday + Moment.js, that makes us jQuery-free
Check out the full release notes. If you experience some rough edges, please report an issue or temporarily stick to version 0.10.5 .